Back in the Driving Seat

TopGayer begins it's descent from the sky... Apparently.

TopGayer begins it's descent from the sky... Apparently.

So here I am again, 10yrs on and with a fresh new 'Heritage but lean and muscular' look (according to my marketing team)... and TopGayer's been redesigned too!  In case you hadn't guessed already, the humours still going to be the same. 

So what's changed? Well for the first time in the history of TopGayer I'll be opening up the TopGayer floor to you, the readers.  I'm looking to build a team of funny bloggers, tweeters, facebookers and car nuts to help fill up the TG pages with interesting, fun, car, comedy and gay lifestyle news and reviews.  If you want to join the team to post news, reviews, pics, LGBT gossip and updates then feel free to add me on Twitter, Insta or just message me through the TG website.  I want the new improved TopGayer to go back to its roots, to go back to being for people that love cars and most importantly comedy!! 

I'll be adding monthly car reviews from all the major manufacturers, new models and motoring world news to the Blog here.  You'll also be able to see all our past reviews, so when you're looking at buying a new used car, you'll be able to see what we thought of it when it was new. All of the TopGayer TV reviews are still available on our YouTube channel, via the YouTube page on the website.  I'll be posting all the latest images to my Instagram account. 

TG now has a range of ways you can follow TopGayer and my life in general.  Twitter, FB, Instagram links are all listed in the footers and the more followers the better. 

Don't forget to retweet and ensure everyone you know knows we're back! 

Drive Safe, 

Rich xx