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Citroen DS4 Voted 'Most Beautiful Car Of The Year'

Over 60,000 people spanning 62 countries can't be wrong when deciding the 'Most Beautiful Car Of The Year 2010', the DS4 announced at Paris Motorshow late last year has taken the prize, and it is certainly well deserved for the French Manufacturer.

The DS4, that will go on sale later this year, is the second in the brands 'DS' derivative.  After the DS3 has done so well, Citroen have decided to showcase their latest in 'Créative Technologie' in the form of the C4 based model, including more chrome than Google and distinctive LED running lights.

Other features include tinted windows, 19" rims under muscled arches and an architecturally sculpted rear that would give Ryan Reynolds a run for his money.

However, talking of 'butts', how have Peugeot taken the news? Their latest goal is to be known for their design within the industry, surely this is a rather important award to not achieve - especially after showing off the All-New 508 at Paris Last Year, a beautiful motor if I've ever seen one.

Jan212011 Unveil the All New FF

So with Geneva approaching fast, Ferrari have unveiled the all new Ferrari FF on their website.

The FF (representing 'Ferrari Four' and four-wheel drive) gives the luxury manufacturer a brand new market to approach with a GT sports car concept.  Combining the signature Ferrari sporting heritage and usability given it's four seats.

Personally I think it looks a little like a Z4 coupe (previous generation) however, in detail it's clear to see that the 4-seater supercar buyers who have the choice of a Porsche Panamera at the moment, are key clients for the the Italian car makers.

The car is also the first in the range to feature a four-wheel drive system (4RM), making it an important milestone for Ferrari.  However, they've gone one step further to make it half the weight of a normal four-wheel drive system, maintaining performance, and staying true to the Ferrari's character.

Personally, I think it has a little more character than the Panamera, plus reaching 0-62mph in 3.7seconds is seriously quick and something that should definately be shared amongst friends - four to be precise.

Debuting at Geneva, Ferrari are definitely going to be making a noise.



Mazda's Newest Design Theme Showcased Through Minagi



Mazda have always been known for their design themes, and creating a concept to reflect an all encapsulating showcase of design and technological innovation. This year is no different either, with Mazda presenting the ‘Minagi’ compact crossover SUV concept at Geneva motorshow in March.

Mazda’s KODO design theme represents a very powerful styling to the brand, including sharp swooping lines, reminiscent of Japanese calligraphy. The Minagi concept evokes a very smooth body to compliment those blade-like lines, achieving a vibrant stance, that commands recognition.

However, this baby CX-7 concept does not just represent the brand’s design focus, but also demonstrates Mazda’s new ‘SKYACTIV’ technology. Not much is said about what that actually means, but mentions of the environment, transmission and engine elements suggest that it’s likely to be either, an ‘eco’ derivative range or a change in materials used for manufacturing – like Audi did with their Aluminium Space Frame (ASF).

Either way, it’s design sketches look great, and to see Mazda becoming more involved into markets they haven’t yet ventured toward, will be interesting. If the Minagi is their offering? And it looks like this? It should do well.



KIA Continue Their Design Revolution

March 2011 will bring the Geneva motorshow, one of the biggest in the calendar, and a chance for manufacturers to showcase what they think will define motoring in 2011 through both design and technology.

KIA have given us a little sketch preview of their shining star of the show, the all new Rio.

Peter Schreyer is certainly doing the Korean car maker justice with his latest creations and the Rio looks to be a very similar affair. Described by the man himself as ‘sporty and elegant’, the new Rio is lower and wider than the previous model with characteristic lines and shapes giving the car a kinetic energy and sense of movement.

Inside, the dashboard is very driver focused and is said to feature many elements to give this smaller KIA the feeling of owning a larger, more expensive model.

Personally, I think Schreyer has made massive steps for KIA, remodelling a brand and bringing a truly edgy look and feel to what used to be known for being budget throughout. I have to admit, if the new Rio looks as true to concept as the new Picanto does, I’ll be driving one tomorrow.


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