Mazda's Newest Design Theme Showcased Through Minagi



Mazda have always been known for their design themes, and creating a concept to reflect an all encapsulating showcase of design and technological innovation. This year is no different either, with Mazda presenting the ‘Minagi’ compact crossover SUV concept at Geneva motorshow in March.

Mazda’s KODO design theme represents a very powerful styling to the brand, including sharp swooping lines, reminiscent of Japanese calligraphy. The Minagi concept evokes a very smooth body to compliment those blade-like lines, achieving a vibrant stance, that commands recognition.

However, this baby CX-7 concept does not just represent the brand’s design focus, but also demonstrates Mazda’s new ‘SKYACTIV’ technology. Not much is said about what that actually means, but mentions of the environment, transmission and engine elements suggest that it’s likely to be either, an ‘eco’ derivative range or a change in materials used for manufacturing – like Audi did with their Aluminium Space Frame (ASF).

Either way, it’s design sketches look great, and to see Mazda becoming more involved into markets they haven’t yet ventured toward, will be interesting. If the Minagi is their offering? And it looks like this? It should do well.