Unveil the All New FF

So with Geneva approaching fast, Ferrari have unveiled the all new Ferrari FF on their website.

The FF (representing 'Ferrari Four' and four-wheel drive) gives the luxury manufacturer a brand new market to approach with a GT sports car concept.  Combining the signature Ferrari sporting heritage and usability given it's four seats.

Personally I think it looks a little like a Z4 coupe (previous generation) however, in detail it's clear to see that the 4-seater supercar buyers who have the choice of a Porsche Panamera at the moment, are key clients for the the Italian car makers.

The car is also the first in the range to feature a four-wheel drive system (4RM), making it an important milestone for Ferrari.  However, they've gone one step further to make it half the weight of a normal four-wheel drive system, maintaining performance, and staying true to the Ferrari's character.

Personally, I think it has a little more character than the Panamera, plus reaching 0-62mph in 3.7seconds is seriously quick and something that should definately be shared amongst friends - four to be precise.

Debuting at Geneva, Ferrari are definitely going to be making a noise.