Citroen DS4 Voted 'Most Beautiful Car Of The Year'

Over 60,000 people spanning 62 countries can't be wrong when deciding the 'Most Beautiful Car Of The Year 2010', the DS4 announced at Paris Motorshow late last year has taken the prize, and it is certainly well deserved for the French Manufacturer.

The DS4, that will go on sale later this year, is the second in the brands 'DS' derivative.  After the DS3 has done so well, Citroen have decided to showcase their latest in 'Créative Technologie' in the form of the C4 based model, including more chrome than Google and distinctive LED running lights.

Other features include tinted windows, 19" rims under muscled arches and an architecturally sculpted rear that would give Ryan Reynolds a run for his money.

However, talking of 'butts', how have Peugeot taken the news? Their latest goal is to be known for their design within the industry, surely this is a rather important award to not achieve - especially after showing off the All-New 508 at Paris Last Year, a beautiful motor if I've ever seen one.