Honda Concepts at Tokyo Motor Show 2011

Honda has announced a line-up of concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show, including concept commuter vehicles designed for easy and fun mobility, and a new sports concept, hinting at the design direction of future models. The Small Sports EV Concept (Pictured) would be a next-generation compact EV sports model, which according to Honda would be ‘fun to drive’ while achieving excellent environmental performance.

Staying with the environmental theme, Honda will also be showing a concept AC-X, A plug-in hybrid vehicle offering ‘comfortable and enjoyable driving experience in urban and long-distance motoring’. With the choices of an “engine drive mode” for more spirited driving or an “automatic drive mode” for more relaxed driving. Sounds fun…

As if this isn’t enough we also have the Micro Commuter Concept to look forward to, A micro-sized, futuristic, electric city commuter vehicle which will become a highly accessible form of mobility. It also features a HONDA MOTOR COMPO two-wheel EV slotted inside this vehicle, two for the price of one, bargain!