Mercedes Bring in a new Class of Coupé

Merc have produced some rather stunning cars recently, and they aren't stopping either.  Presenting the new C Class Coupé, a totally new C Class to celebrate 125 years of automotive for the brand, and bringing in a new market for classic compact coupés.

The new coupé will feature all the technology and character from it's saloon and convertible derivatives, but in sporty and compact styling, making the C Class portfolio a very attractive offering - easing new market buyers into the experience of owning a Mercedes coupé.

For me, it's a fairly obvious move for the German premium manufacturer, especially as the Saloon and Convertible styling, with that big front 'dam' grill lends itself so well to a solid, high shouldered waistline merging into that pinched tailgate.

Truly beautiful and certainly a choice that will see Audi and BMW shaking in their boots as it gives them more competition, in a trend that customers are loving at the moment.  The new C Class Coupé will be showcased at Geneva this March.