Jaguar and Louis Vuitton - Romance in Paris?

Last night Jaguar was awarded the 'Classic Concept Award 2010' for its celebratory CX-75 Concept, unveiled at Paris Motorshow in September last year.

Led by Christian Philippsen, renowned automotive consultant, the panel also included author Serge Bellu, Director of Innovation for Louis Vuitton - Xavier Dixsaut, F1 designer Gordon Murray, former Porsche Design Head Harm Lagaaij and finally Journalist Masafumi Suzuki.

Jaguar celebrated their 75 years of luxury and innovation with the CX-75, creating a totally electric vehicle that showcased technology alongside beautiful design.  A lot has been said for the brands future development, words like 'nostalgic' and 'past' have been mentioned, however solely in the context of moving forward, and designing for the future.

Unfortunately, the CX-75 is a mere Concept Supercar, so let's hope Louis Vuitton decide to double the price of an XJ with an exclusive interior and a special edition paint job to match some big 'LV' rims - yummy!

But seriously, well done Jaguar - another award to sit alongside the many you have amounted in the recent years since your comeback with the lovely XF.