Kia and the new Rio

The second in the new car unveils for the Korean car manufacturer is the all new Rio.  A sure contender against the competition, definitely when it comes to looks if nothing else.

The Rio sees a redesigned interior and a general overhaul in substance as well as style.  The Rio also features 4 new engines ranging from a mere 70ps (69bhp) to 109ps (107bhp), which is unfortunate, as it would be nice to see some poke coming out of Kia's cars.  Looks don't get you everywhere and what's more is that the Auto option available with the 1.4 petrol (107bhp) is only a four speed.

Regardless of this of course, the new Rio comes equipped similar to that of the new Picanto.  The 'Big Car Comforts' in Rio include - Bluetooth handsfree, AUX and iPod compatibility and LED running lights to complete the look.

Bigger and better, the new Rio will be cruising the streets from September as its 5 door guise, with the 3 door model launching early 2012.