Renault Confirm New Twizy

We saw this little dune buggy at Paris2010 and Renault have confirmed pricing will start from just €6,900 making it affordable and cute, though I still can't see any side windows, the Twizy does feature a windscreen wiper, so Renault are you suggesting we all just wear waterproofs?


Being part of Renault's Z.E. (Zero Emissions) range, the Twizy will need a battery and recharging, which is worked out on a lease agreement.  In total the running costs of the new Renault work out cheaper than running a three wheeled scooter (UK pricing to be announced at a later date).

Charging takes just 3 and a half hours and on a full charge the average milage out of the micro city car is around 60 miles.  So come Autumn 2011 while you're 'Think[ing] Bike' don't forget to 'Think Twizy' too.