Saab PhoeniX Concept

Saab's host for their infotainment system comes in the form of the new PhoeniX Concept, inspired by aviation heritage Saab are back on track with their designs. The PhoeniX is the perfect representation of the rise from the ashes which Saab are making a spectacular show to watch.

Hosting Saab's all new Android™ infotainment system 'IQon', The PhoeniX showcases Saab's new direction not only for technology but also for design, claiming it to be 'Aeromotional' (another way to describe, totally cool and kinetic design - inspired by planes)

The rear hosts a jet black panel for the tail-lights to pierce through and the front is sloped and beautiful yet aggressive.  Finish this all off with what seem to be some very eccentric wing mirrors and you have yourself the future of Saab automotive (or should that be Aeromotive?)