Seat's All New IBX Concept at Geneva

Seat have unveiled the IBX Concept at Geneva, showing us that they too will one day reach a mass market with a car in every sector - like it's brothers Audi and VW seem to be achieving.

But with the help of Gallardo designer Luc Donckerwolke at their disposal, their concepts are looking much prettier and stylish.

So last year at Paris saw the IBE (Scirocco lookalike) and Geneva today sees the IBX (Tiguan rival).  Featuring the same style of flush lights and some beautiful lines, the IBX will slip into the Compact SUV market seamlessly.

‘The IBX was created from the gene pool of our next vehicle generation.  This design DNA will have a profound impact on every one of our models,’   Said Donkerwolke

‘With this urban sports utility vehicle we are proving that with our design, our sporty pedigree and our youthful character, we can also create a vehicle concept that is unique among SUVs.’