The New Jeep Compass

When did Jeep get so sexy!?

When the Italians invaded, strutting towards the line-up in pointy leather boots, great tans and big sunglasses - saying "this is not good, what we need is..." (cue sexy Italian montage).  The result was the Cherokee models, and following in it's tyre tracks comes the all new Compass.

A total new look for the compact SUV, the compass gains a sleek more aggressive grille including lights and bumper.  The wheel arches keep the trapezoidal signature and the grille features the established 7 slot design Jeep are known for, however surrounded in chrome to hint at the new quality Jeep have reached.

Inside hosts all the latest tech, with a media centre CD and mp3 console and electric everything.  The 4x4 systems have been tweaked and retain the Jeep characteristics, meaning this compact SUV is definitely more Off-road than Soft-road.

The new compass has been designed to retain Jeeps brand identity, whilst bringing it into the here and now - and who better to talk 'looking good' than the Italians.

On sale 15th April, it wont be long before we see these beauties on the road.