Audi's Worst Kept Secret - The Q3

Audi has finally released the information on the badly kept secret that is the Q3.  A compact SUV making it's debut at Shanghai Motorshow, the Q3 is said to look just at home amongst the city walls as it would scaling hills and fields.

Increased ground clearance and Quattro all wheel drive systems make the third model to be introduced into the 'Q' family of cars carry the same luxury and experience of driving an Audi SUV - just in a smaller shell.

Engines will all include start-stop technology offering the choice of two 2.0l petrol engines and a 2.0l TDI all reaching impressive mpg, however not as impressive as the efficiency focused 2.0l TDI reaching a high 54mpg.

Priced from around £25k this Audi Q-car is a nice introduction to becoming an Audi SUV owner and will be sure to offer everything Audi include throughout their range.