Peugeot get SxC at Shanghai

Shanghai Motorshow sees Peugeot announce their new concept the SxC, and it seems they aren't wrong in naming the new crossover, as it certainly turns heads.

The SxC features design cues such as a floating grille, a piercing gaze and proudly placed atop the grooved bonnet is the new Peugeot lion, poised and ready for a chase down the freeway.  The rear is sculpted and carries the high waistline that is nicely highlighted by the tail lights in their 'boomerang' look.  Sat on some 22" alloys, the SxC is dominant and wont go unnoticed.

The roof-rails tail off at the rear, in an original design that promotes the cars fluid design and kinetic energy - a subtle hint that could suggest how fierce this lion really can be.

Inside hosts the usual concept components - lots of blue strip lighting and angles that never normally make it to the production stage.  What is most interesting however is that this beast of a crossover is only a four seater, which immediately suggests that it's the French manufacturers answer to the latest trend in SUV coupés.  Suicide doors only serve to back this theory up too, however another popular concept element that is rarely seen to make production.

Finally the SxC features the HYbrid4 technology that Peugeot have championed, introducing batteries into a diesel engine.