Zafira Tourer Begins UK production

Vauxhall have released specific details and specifications for the production model of the very attractive Zafira Tourer Concept they showcased at Geneva earlier this year.  Bringing the ultimate in luxury and comfort the new 7-seat Zafira will sit alongside the range to open Vauxhall up to a premium market aimed at large families and chauffeur driven cars.

The car will still feature the Flex7 seating plan that the original Zafira championed however takes advantage of the extra room to evolve the whole concept of car seating.  From 2nd row swiveling chairs to 3rd row fold flat seats, this bigger beefier MPV will see Vauxhall catering for much more than just a family vacation.

Engines will include everything from a 1.4 turbo petrol to a 2.0litre CDTi boasting three outputs.  No doubt a VXR will be produced at some point in the future too given Vauxhall's normal trend, but considering the Zafira Tourer is based on the Insignia's platform, I can't see that being a bad thing.

Along with it's advances in versatility inside, the Tourer gains design cues that bring the MPV up to date, a very much needed facelift and identity for the car itself means that not only will it be comfortable inside, but look great while doing so.  Dashboard elements and consoles are similar to that seen in last year's Meriva, no shock there, boasting space saving solutions and more armrests than you can shake a stick at!

Other than these photos we wont be seeing the new Zafira Tourer on the roads or even dealers just yet, but look forward to Frankfurt in September where the car will make it's world debut.