Mercedes-Benz SLS Roadster

Following the success of the SLS AMG Mercedes have of course followed suit with a Roadster edition. We recently posted a photo set of the Roadster in action being tested in many conditions, covered in blacks and looking just as sexual.

Rich had a little play in the coupé on thursday and now Merc have released official information and photos of the Roadster for your enjoyment. So what have we found out?

Well the SLS Roadster will have a fabric roof that operates in just 11seconds up to speeds of around 30mph which is perfect for round town should a sudden downpour occur (yeah because popping into town in your SLS is what you'd do day to day!!)

Onto performance and the SLS Roadster boasts 571hp reaching 0-62mph in just 3.8seconds. A rather impressive 24 miles to the gallon makes the SLS Roadster more of an everyday super car than most, just don't expect to fit much shopping inside the boot.

What you could do however is utilise the mobile Internet capability and Merc's signature COMMAND infotainment system to buy the aforementioned shopping at Tesco and have it delivered, while you drive off into the country and test the greatness that is the SLS AMG.

So there's a few highlights to keep you keen, and here's a few piccies...