New Orleans and a quality inn

Our road trip saw us stopping in New Orleans last night, with a promising scene twinned with the romanticism Ann Rice spins about the place we were very excited.

After the floods however it seems that a lot of New Orleans has seen some damage. The redevelopments seem to be going strong though and it hasn't lost that classic feel of true Southern comfort and living.

Regardless of this our CX-9 GPS diverted us over the most amazing bridge, which by moonlight added a little magic to our journey into the deep south. Be sure to take the diversion yourselves for a truly amazing experience.

So we ultimately decided to plough on past NO and make some headway on the milage front - until 3am saw us in this Quality Inn. True to American motels the room features a funky stale smell of tobacco and a torn shower curtain, but for £25 per person overnight it still outranks the hideous Etap at Calais, boasting two beds and full ensuite with free wifi! (plus breakfast too!)

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