Everybody Goes to Hollywood...

...and for what reason? We still aren't that sure really. Not that it left us cold, but the sensationalism of how amazing Hollywood really is, seems to be just that. Apart from sight seeing on the hollywood trail and bopping down Santa Monica celebrity spotting, there wasn't much to actually do in Hollywood.

The most exciting parts would have been passing by the season premiere of True Blood, with the red carpet lights and cameras galore! Visiting High Voltage (for those fans of LA Ink and the talented Miss Kat Von D), oh and watching a woman dressed in bright colours, wash herself in a bus shelter!?! Not quite the experience we were expecting.

Fast forward and we're in Santa Barbara! After spending a cold and horrid night in Hollywood's 'comfort inn', we thought we deserved a little nautical pick-me-up, so into the Mason Beach Suites and off to discover the nightlife of Santa B. I have to say we both love it here! Nightlife is friendly and during the day you can relax under the palm trees on the sandy beaches, or take a stroll up the habour, even do watersports. Santa Barbara is a definite re-visit for another time, and somewhat redeemed the Hollywood experience.

Onto San Francisco next and we'll video diary the streets and hustle and bustle for you all to envy, although it's pride this weekend, so maybe some of you will be joining us out here to celebrate!