Top Gayer is Going Stateside!

Cheap motels, key lime pie and the old open road!  Yes Top Gayer is going stateside on an all American road trip, east coast to west – Florida to California!

Setting off on the 18th June, Rich and Marcus are hitting the road covering 3,000 miles in just a few days.  Here we will be posting video diaries, reports on the places we visit and updates on our journey from east to west.

No specific stops or planned visits just driving until we drop.  Our weapon of choice…?  Mazda’s luxury SUV, the CX-9.  Bigger than the CX-7 we get here in the UK, the CX-9 seats 7 people in Mazda's iconic sporting style and luxury.

So we've raised the US flag in celebration, and for the next few weeks feel free to watch our progress in your best american attire. 

Our Route will hopefully look something like this...


 But we all know how the best laid plans don't always run as smoothly as we'd like.  Regardless of this however, we hope you will all enjoy it and we will try our best to not burst out into song 'a-la-Priscilla'. (we can't guarantee this, there will probably be a few classic hits we just wont hold back on).


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