New Toyota Yaris


The Yaris reaches it's third Generation and with it comes a higher grade of quality and style for the small Toyota.

Praised previously for it's roomy interior, agility about town and efficiency, the newest generation of Yaris will include these features and push toward sharper styling and more quality throughout, focusing on the latest Toyota Touch and Go system.

 Standard in all new Yaris models (apart from the entry level) the Toyota Touch and Go system utilises touch screen controls and brings bluetooth, USB and rear camera features - plus get satellite navigation as an upgrade and access a range of informative services that can be downloaded from dedicated Toyota customer portals. 

Back to the Yaris itself and we will be seeing the same well known engines the previous generation had, from the little 1.0litre to the 1.4 turbodeisel.  The 1.0l will see you doing a nice 58.9 miles to the gallon whereas the 1.33litre petrol will increase the agile ability boasting 98hp and still reaching an efficient 56mpg.  Lastly the 1.4 turbodiesel decreases the CO2 emissions by six percent at just 104g/km.

Styling next and the Yaris is definately an attractive car now, Toyota have moved away from the rounded bubbly look of the old model and using sharp lines twinned with chunky subtle curves has brought the new Generation a breath of fresh air.

Starting from just £11,170 OTR, the order books are open for delivery in September.  With the launch coming up, we will be bringing you more from Yaris itself and hopefully the hybrid version too.