Peugeot HX1 Concept

When given the brief to design a car that is able to accommodate 6 people but still has to achieve a sporty exterior and remain efficient sounds difficult to begin with, I think we'd all expect a traditional people carrier with some tech gimmicks and sweeping lines.  However Peugeot's determination to become the ultimate style marque means that their new concept is something of pure luxury.

Sleek, sweeping and svelt dont begin to describe this land yacht.  The prominent bonnet hosting Peugeot's new lion insignia is the perfect canvas for the sharp lines and flowing grooves that lead into sculpted design of the body.  Peugeot have acheived a six seater people carrier that looks elegant and still focuses on the brands direction toward efficiency and Hybrid technology.

Here are some photo's and no doubt we'll be seeing this at Franfurt soon.