BMW 3 Series Sedan

The sixth generation of the BMW 3 Series Sedan, the world's best-selling premium car, sets new benchmarks in terms of sporting prowess, elegance and comfort. The pioneering history of the 3 Series serves as inspiration for the new sports sedan, whose powerful styling represents a fresh interpretation and conscientious development of traditional BMW design cues.

The new BMW face, with flat headlights reaching along as far as the BMW kidney grille, emphasises the elegantly dynamic design of the new BMW 3 Series. The sixth generation of the 3 Series has grown in size compared to its predecessor, with its wide track (front + 37 mm, rear + 47 mm) particularly prominent, and the car's increased length (+ 93 mm) and augmented wheelbase (+ 50 mm) also accentuate its sporting silhouette.

Inside the new BMW 3 Series Sedan, the noticeable increase in space benefits the rear passengers above all. And the BMW 3 Series range is now also available in a trio of trim and equipment variants - the Sport Line, Luxury Line and Modern Line. Each presents its own individual take on the character of the sports sedan, with exclusive, high-quality material combinations and unbeatable build quality underlining the premium ambience of the new range.

BMW M5 Saloon... Innovation, BMW Style

Much like BMW drivers around the world, BMW themselves are renowned for modesty and subtleness in abundance… So According to BMW, The M5 Saloon which “has defined the high-performance saloon segment for more than 25 years… and in the process has become the most successful car of its type in the world” have announced that the new fifth-generation model “raises the concept of the premium executive saloon combining track-car dynamics and supreme touring comfort to an even higher level.” Naturally…

According to BMW, the new M5 features “the most potent engine ever” devised by BMW's amazingly fantastic high-performance ‘M division’, along with “race-bred chassis technology that includes an Active M differential and electronic damping control”, exciting stuff.

The unique exterior design has been dictated by the technical requirements of the car, while the luxurious sports car-like cockpit offers an extensive range of ‘innovative’ driver assistance systems and mobility services, (In this instance, we expect ‘Innovative’ to be a sat-nav that tells the driver to calm down, or slaps them for undertaking, overtaking, or generally being a BMW driver)

The M5 features all of the usual mod-cons as standard, Heads-up-display, heated seats, DAB etc… and some impressive extras as standard, with Bluetooth connectivity, sat-nav (as discussed) and adaptive xenon headlights.  

Optional equipment including a rear-view camera, High-Beam Assistant, Speed Limit information and… hold on… what’s this…? Lane Change and Lane Departure warnings, Surround View and BMW Night Vision to ensure the driver is aware of anything and everything happening within the vicinity of the car”. Now that’s Innovation! Thanks BMW!

Oh wait… what’s this?

“A Mobile Application preparation allows iPhone owners to receive web radio stations and display Facebook and Twitter posts on the Control Display”

you were so close…

The new M5 Saloon will be available in the UK in November 2011, priced at £73,040 on-the-road.

Oh BMW, you fools!

Yes it's that one day of the year where the Motoring industry try to trick us all into thinking they've gone completely bonkers, by releasing fake press releases.  For example: Kia have told us they're employing 'Pigeon Fanciers' (sounds a little wrong to me, or that Mike Tyson's going to be turning up) on their forecourts to keep their show cars 'pigeon-poo free'.

But BMW have come up with my favoutie, the worlds fastest pickup, the M3 pickup. Brilliant!


Here's a few quotes from the press release:

'Under the strictest secrecy, the world’s first high-performance pickup has been created at the BMW M GmbH development centre. The sportiest example by far in this vehicle category, the BMW M3 Pickup will fire the imaginations of all motorists with a deep appreciation of top performance matched by a keen practical bent. 309 kW/420 hp under the bonnet and a rear-axle load capacity of up to 450 kilos take the hallmark BMW M relationship between race-oriented driving pleasure and everyday utility to an entirely new level. This unique vehicle has already completed extensive test and set-up drives on the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife in advance of its global unveiling on 1 April 2011.'

'The load bed of the BMW M3 Pickup is clad in high-grade structured aluminium sheeting and provides the biggest cargo capacity ever offered on a BMW M vehicle...the capacity to carry up to 20 standard 46-inch golf bags.'

'...the current BMW M3 Pickup – unlike a similar predecessor built back in the 1980s – has gone through the requisite procedures to earn its road certification. Which makes it officially a truck – but one that puts a whole new spin on the meaning of the word.'

Parkers' New Car Awards

Being as I keep seeing press release after press release from each manufacturer about 'who won what' in Parkers' New Car Awards, I thought I'd put together an overview of the winners. Parkers judge their cars as follows:

- All winners based on cars with the best running costs

- Costs include depreciation through to road tax and fuel

- 11 separate category winners with one overall winner

"The Parkers' New Car Awards are unique. Rather than being based on the performance of the car or solely on the opinion of the Parkers team, our winners are all founded on robust scientific facts and figures taken from the Parkers Cost of Motoring tool in order to determine the cars that make your cash go further. Our Cost of Motoring tool reveals the total cost of buying a car. This includes everything from depreciation, services and repairs, road tax costs, any loan the buyer may have taken out for the car, the price of insurance and even breakdown cover." (taken from


City Car - Renault Twingo 1.2 Bizu 3dr

Small Hatchback - Audi A1 1.6TDI SE

Medium Hatchback - Kia cee'd 1.4 VR-7

Family Car - Skoda Octavia 1.2 TSi S

People Carrier - Ford Focus C-Max 1.6 TDCi Titanium

Family Estate - Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer 2.0CDTi (160) ecoFlex Exclusiv

Crossover - MINI Countryman One 1.6D

Eco Car - Honda Jazz 1.3 IMA HE Hybrid CVT

4X4 - Land Rover Freelander 2.2 TD4S

Sports Car - VW Scirocco 1.4 TSI 122

Executive Car - BMW 520d SE Business Media saloon

Overall Winner - Kia cee'd 1.4 VR-7

Introducing the New BMW 6 Series Coupé

Now even more beautiful, the new 6 Series Coupé has driven out of the garage onto the road boasting style, attitude and up to 407bhp.



Inspired by the fluidity of water, the new 6 Series Coupé features bigger intakes at the font leading through sleek lines that mould the body into a very slick looking coupé.  Slightly longer and with a reduced overall height makes the new 6 Series even sexier and more aggressive than ever.

The new 6 Series features the highest ever level of standard equipment compared to it's predecessors.  Including 18" and 19" alloys (model specific), Dakota Leather interior and an 8-speed Sport automatic gearbox, (stops for breath) electric seats, multimedia navigation system xenon headlights and even front and rear parking aids list just some of the few former extras, that are now standard.

Truly a beautiful looking car, and definitely the sexiest ever 6 series.  Well done BMW, you're producing some lovely cars at the moment, keep it up!

BMW at Geneva International Motorshow

BMW are focusing on emmisions free mobility this year, showing off the ActivE 1 series coupé display car.  Going from 0-62mph in just nine seconds and doing it totally through electric! With all the practicality of the 1 series.

However, that is just the tip of a rather large iceberg...and that iceberg is the world debut of the Vision ConnectedDrive concept.  It seems to be a little bit of an all-rounder, showing BMW design, drive technologies and even comfort and infotainment levels.

Honestly it's not a great looker, but then how are you going to represent the sleek lines of a roadster along with the aggressive stance of the super-sport SUV, without it looking a little bit out there?