Lexus Launch A Quiet Revolution

Lexus have begun their new ad campaign for the all-new CT200h. Basically a lot of noise on drums happens, then Kylie pouts with a gesture to be quiet and drives the car around town not making a sound.

Tadaa! It hasn't made the questionable styling of the CT any more 'un-questionable' however it's a pretty cool advert nonetheless.


Renault's got back their "Va Va Voom!"

Renault have taken a leaf from Fairy and that throat lozenge ad campaigns books and decided to re-hash bring back the 'Va Va Voom' adverts.

BUT don't think this is merely a cost cutting exercise, Renault aren't actually just putting the same adverts on - but the concept of Va Va Voom has been reborn, in the shape of the rather beautiful Thierry Henry and the fabulous Dita Von Teese, and I doubt she's doing it for the tips.

The new advert features many personalities from past and present who have all proven they have 'Va Va Voom' including, Rihanna, Audrey Hepburn and even Marlon Brando.

When asked about the elusive qualities of 'Va Va Voom' Mistress Von Teese said "For me, Va Va Voom is expressing your passion or sexual excitement for something. Maybe it isn’t sexual, but it makes you feel that way when you see it.  You want it, and you can’t even explain why you want it."  whereas Football star Henry thought, 'What is Va Va Voom? It’s kind of difficult to describe…it’s when you see something and think wow; for me it means that it has Va Va Voom.'


What do you think Va Va Voom is?  Watch this or visit and decide for yourselves:

Volkswagen Take the Bug to the Superbowl

Volkswagen took the opportunity to advertise the Passat and the all new Beetle at the Superbowl, reaching millions upon millions of viewers, teasing them with a mere silhouette of the iconic bug arriving in Autumn 2011.

Very cool advert though, I shall name the bug 'Herbie'...


...and then the Passat Advert, which if the Passat does this, I'll be playing that trick all the time!