C class

Black is Back

Mercedes have brought back the Black Series range and the C Class is looking slicker than ever.

With the Coupé being launched and completing the C Class Line-up, the only natural thing for Meredes to do next is to take it to the extreme.  Superior performance and style, the new C 63 AMG Black Series brings an all new AMG Claim to the table too - Driving Performance like no other AMG model.

With a 0-62mph time of just 4.2 seconds, this is the most powerful C Class of all time, boasting 517hp and technologies used in motorsport, with the high driving dynamics to match.  As well as all this power the C Class comes with upgraded suspensions and breaking systems, which I'm assuming you'll need to tame the aggressive nature of the Black Series

So it sounds nice and will perform well it seems, but the other very important attraction to any Black Series is just how mean the car looks.  Designed to strike fear into the most innocent of motirists on the road, the C Class BS has a powerful stance with it's oversized black front and rear air vents and additional vents on the blown out wheel arches.  This car means business, and is certainly not for the feint hearted.

Underlining the AMG insignia is a subtle 'Black series' engraving, contasting the absolute monster this car is, however representing the pure essence of what a Black Series is about - pure performance with a whole host of class and an emotional drive.

C 63... AMG

Mercedes new C Class Coupé gets the AMG treatment and looks just as aggressively styled as the rest of the AMG line-up.

Set to launch in Summer 2011, the new AMG Coupé features high performance from Mercedes signature 6.3-litre V8 engine and the characteristic handling and driving that the AMG brand is known so well for.  Reaching 0-62 in a superfast 4.5 seconds, the C 63 is quick - set to take the lead in its segment.

It isn't all about performance however, the C 63 adopts all the latest technology.  Including a 7-speed automatic transmission with a new power steering pump, saving fuel and reaching a rather respectable 23.5mpg, especially for an AMG derivative.

If that doesn't excite you, Mercedes offer a performance upgrade!?!  Yet more power, bust still achieving the same fuel consumption.  The performance upgrade increases the bhp from 457 to 487bhp and reduces that 0-62mph time to 4.4 seconds, all inspired by using technologies from Merc's 'Coupé du jour' the SLS... what more could you possibly ask for...?

Mercedes Bring in a new Class of Coupé

Merc have produced some rather stunning cars recently, and they aren't stopping either.  Presenting the new C Class Coupé, a totally new C Class to celebrate 125 years of automotive for the brand, and bringing in a new market for classic compact coupés.

The new coupé will feature all the technology and character from it's saloon and convertible derivatives, but in sporty and compact styling, making the C Class portfolio a very attractive offering - easing new market buyers into the experience of owning a Mercedes coupé.

For me, it's a fairly obvious move for the German premium manufacturer, especially as the Saloon and Convertible styling, with that big front 'dam' grill lends itself so well to a solid, high shouldered waistline merging into that pinched tailgate.

Truly beautiful and certainly a choice that will see Audi and BMW shaking in their boots as it gives them more competition, in a trend that customers are loving at the moment.  The new C Class Coupé will be showcased at Geneva this March.