In a Frendzy

No motorshow would be complete without a number of quirky concepts from Renault.  This year’s Frankfurt is no exception with the debut of Frendzy, a half van/half car creation and the work of Renault design director Laurens van den Acker, and exterior designer, Deyan Denkov.

The interchangeable interior of Frendzy really needs to be seen to be believed.  Think of a car split between driver and passenger sides, one work focused, the other family, and you’ll start to get the picture.

This fully electric, asymmetrically bodied vehicle is kitted out with features such as a BlackBerry® Playbook™ which controls a 37-inch digital screen on a sliding rear door along with some rather ‘alternative’ features such as: a fabric roof which adapts to shape of bulky objects, magnetic fixings to allow loads to be secured to floor, a slate board in rear cabin for children to sketch on, and two colour ambient lighting settings to differentiate family (orange lighting) and work time (green)! 

The Frendzy is powered by a 59bhp, 167lb ft electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack concentrating on zero-emissions in line with the brand’s focus within the ZE range. The concept is truly confused, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing it coming out the Renault closet any time soon.

Citroen DS5 - It's Finally Here...

The DS3 was exciting, the DS4 was stylish and now Frankfurt brings the all new Citroen DS5, possibly the a combination of excitement, style and absolute cool.

Carrying the DS brand the new DS5 will preview at Frankfurt Motorshow, bringing a lot of focus to the French manufacturer - not only for the fact they have an all new car, but more importantly the technology that comes with it.

The DS5 is the first in the Citroen range to feature full HYbrid4 technology giving efficiency figures and the added benefit of a diesel engine, coinciding just nicely with Peugeot's announcement of the latest 508 diesel hybrid.  Of course we will see the signature DS styling and performance with handling to match, twinned with more recent advances, like lane depature warning system, auto high beam assist and a reverse parking camera.

To top it all off however, our French friends have already put the DS5 through it's paces, achieving a 5-star EuroNCAP rating and 97% in the 'Safety Assist' category.

Other than that, the latest in DS4 and DS3 versions will be displayed including the DS3 WRC.

Peugeot HX1 Concept

When given the brief to design a car that is able to accommodate 6 people but still has to achieve a sporty exterior and remain efficient sounds difficult to begin with, I think we'd all expect a traditional people carrier with some tech gimmicks and sweeping lines.  However Peugeot's determination to become the ultimate style marque means that their new concept is something of pure luxury.

Sleek, sweeping and svelt dont begin to describe this land yacht.  The prominent bonnet hosting Peugeot's new lion insignia is the perfect canvas for the sharp lines and flowing grooves that lead into sculpted design of the body.  Peugeot have acheived a six seater people carrier that looks elegant and still focuses on the brands direction toward efficiency and Hybrid technology.

Here are some photo's and no doubt we'll be seeing this at Franfurt soon.

The SLK Goes From One Extreme to Another

Mercedes are heading to Frankfurt this year with two new variations on the all-new SLK roadster.  The extreme out and out performance focused SLK 55 AMG and the frugal yet fun SLK 250CDi - the first time the product has seen a deisel engine.

The SLK 55 AMG focuses it's energies on style and the strength of promoting the AMG sporting technologies and performance.  The 5.5litre engine takes this little pocket rocket to an extreme most supercars are boasting, reaching 0-62mph in a mere 4.6seconds and yet still gaining kudos for doing above 33 miles to the gallon.  Twin this power with the very familiar stylings from the AMG camp and you have a sculpted beauty that looks like it means business.

Kicking out 422hp means the new SLK 55 AMG beats it's direct competitors hands down, while still retuning an impressive 195g/km of CO2  emissions. I want one.


Moving from one extreme to another, Merc have also released details of the first ever SLK Diesel - the SLK 250CDi.  Returning over 56mpg and coming equipped as standard with a 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic gearbox, the new SLK deisel is a very exciting car for Merc.

Not only is this an excersice to boast impressive fuel consumption, but also an example that not all economical cars need to be sluggish or boring.  Not only do you get the great feeling of driving one of the most iconic two-seater hard-top roadsters, but you won't lose out on any of the performance because you've chosen the economic route as the SLK 250CDi professes 204hp taking you from 0-62mph in just 6.7seconds.  Lovely.

Volkswagen up! An Alternative Perspective

Volkswagen are known very well for their build quality and more 'revserved' (boring) interiors and style - But one thing you can always count on is that you will be happy driving a VW and although your average VW (GTI and 'R' range excluded) won't be that exciting, it won't dissapoint you either.

Possibly that's about to change with this rather interesting looking city car.  The VW up!


A little bigger in dimentions than you'd normally find a city car to be, the up! boasts the ethos of maximum space, on a minimal footprint.  Focusing on their amazing bluemotion technologies the up! will feature small petrol engines that put out a maximum of around 70hp.

The interior is a step away from the VW grey standard, being colourful and rather (dare I say) more exciting to look at, but then that's definately needed within the citycar market.  Hopefully it drives like the bigger siblings within the brand, as that's where VW can really take some sales from the likes of smart and Peugeot - but until it's slowing you down around town we have these pictures and a focus on the little motor at Frankfurt to look forward to.

Kia Rio - Stylish as You Would Expect by Now

So ahead of Frankfurt sees all the manufacturers laying their cards on the table and trying to win the ultimate prize of attention from the various press and public.

Having teased us with conceptual sketches, Kia have unveiled the all-new Rio and following suit it's a massive improvement design-wise.  Four engines from launch and boasting the lowest emissions and highest economy in the UK market, the Rio has already got a headstart against the competiton and it's not even on the roads yet!

Starting at £10,595 the Rio is definately competition and one to watch...




...and here's a video for you to do just that!



Eterniti... a storm is brewing...

Simply put, there is a new luxury brand coming to market, and they've only announced they are called Eterniti Motors London.  

After a little digging I have found out that when talking 'luxury', Eterniti are looking at the plus £100k price-bracket and in the follow up to Frankfurt we will be hearing from them a few more times just to tease us

Nothing more released apart from this little teaser of a website and a little sketch of what we can expect from the newest brand in the motoring industry.


Mazda to unveal CX-5 concept at Frankfurt


A Facelifted Mazda 3 will feature on Mazda's agenda for Frankfurt, however the real gossip is the all new CX-5 concept!

Based on the Minagi Concept featured at previous shows, Mazda will be unveiling the all new CX-5 Concept vehicle at Frankfurt Motorshow.  A small crossover, it's only natural progression for the sports brand to be competing against the likes of Q5 and X3 markets, especially with such a strong product carrying the CX name.

The CX7 is such a stylish MPV and after spending two weeks on the road in America in the incredible daddy CX-9, I can only imagine how cute and funky the CX-5 will be, not only to look at, but to drive too.