American Life

So we have now been back for a few days and definitely suffering with a little jet lag, after traveling through three different time zones across America.  Combine that with losing 8 hours coming home and chuck in a blue phone box and we're pretty much feeling like Doctor Who.

However, looking back on the trip I don't think there is anything we would change.  A little more time spent investigating and exploring the cities and sights wouldn't have gone a miss, however nothing can beat driving across the desert, at 3am and having People Magazine read to you by a man on the radio, who would rather spell eczema than pronounce it wrong (go on admit it, you did the same reading this).

Between sand storms and wildfires the experiences the road trip gave us were ones to remember... even the old guy explaining to us the concept of subway (the sandwich house) and how much healthier he finds it.  One thing we definitely noticed however, is America's attitude to motoring - only in America can you advertise 25mpg as impressive and sell it alongside a 5.0litre pick-up claiming you're doing your bit for the planet.

We don't quite know whether it's because we were in the deep south, or if it's just how the industry is portrayed in the states, but our friends across the pond seem to want pick-ups with large engines and very shiny rims - even if they can't quite fit into the drive-thru at Wallgreens pharmacy (the only pharmacy you can get some eczema treatment, now you know how to spell it, and a packet of smokes at the same time).

America we love you! from the sunshine state to California, you have kept us entertained with random bridges for no reason, variable speed limits you don't like to make people aware of, unlimited trucks speeding down the interstate and local radio's playlist of popular music - consisting of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and some lovely country hits with the DJ hitting the repeat button.  Now we're back it's back to the norm and the good old british car nuts, complaining about traffic and the cost of motoring.  Audi are no doubt creating a sportback convertible SUV as we speak, and I hear MINI have confirmed that rather interesting coupé concept is going into production?  Nevermind though ehy, hopefully this will see us spending some more time in the U.S of A and bringing you the coolest and biggest gas guzzlers... we might even plan another road trip!




Look out for the complete written report coming soon, and we'd like to give a big thanks to Mazda Europe and America for letting us drive the beautiful CX-9 7-seat SUV.  Not once were we put off by jumping into the cabin, if anything we would have rather sat inside that than many of the motels we stopped at.  A complete review of the 3.7litre luxury land yacht will also be up with the road report.


If you're going to San Francisco... sure to stay long enough to soak it up and so it all over again!

I think we have saved the best until last definitely. Last night at the Larkspur Hotel, Mill Valley, was so comfortable and there is nothing like crossing the golden gate bridge to start the day.

The CX-9 was put through it's paces down Crooked street on Lombard and proved to be more than capable. A quick bite to eat and then we head to Sacramento for a couple of days rest.

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Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and the lesbians...

So we have finally reached California... Time for a little recap about what has just happened.

Well the lone star state was certainly all about bigger, better and Houston showed us how gay life exists in what can only be described as a village or commune. That said, what a beautiful cityscape!
We were informed that Texas was a big state, however were not prepared when we drove a good 400 miles through desert roads and near to no signs of life for hours on end, needless to say we were grateful to see the sunrise so we could actually see nothing but road up to a vanishing point.

New Mexico...
Very close to the border and a little strange to think just a few miles to the left is Mexico itself. Felt tiny compared to Texas the great but had fun making the universal 'horn beep' signal at the truckers to keep us entrained until we hit Arizona!

Oh what a beautiful state Arizona is!! Through Tucson and up to Phoenix the sun heated down as we sang ourselves across the desert. Lots of big rocks and scenery that just went for miles and miles. Phoenix looks amazing too, a nice mix of metropolis and alternative living, definitely one to revisit later.

The Lesbians...
Close to the state line we stopped off to stretch our legs and as we were leaving, we were approached by a very happy lady who asked us where we were headed and would we be seeing them in San Francisco for pride this weekend? Then after a convoy through into California, bumped into Linda and her gang at another rest stop where we complimented them for their choice in Nissan pickup, deep green in colour and showing a little bling, because any car you have here must go to aftermarket to be christened with some 30" chrome wheels and low profile tyres.

So after I have finished my dinner (tonight is grilled ham and cheese with chips...) we are going into Hollywood and seeing what all the fuss is about! Until then!

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Here We Go!!

So after a couple of weeks of downtime, spent tarting about in a Toyota Rav4 (courtesy of Hertz) we are finally ready to set off on our 3000 mile road trip across America, to California.

Already we have been caught in rather compromising positions thanks to 'Hertz NEVERLOST' GPS system (the title is somewhat ironic to say the least) and would advise against Parliament House, unless planning an 80's revival featuring very questionable 'female impersonators' and equally as questionable fashions.

So time is of the essence and we should be getting on the road soon, our weapon of choice is Mazda's stateside daddy SUV - the CX-9. Moving from a small crossover into an automotive machine!! Bring it on!

Top Gayer is Going Stateside!

Cheap motels, key lime pie and the old open road!  Yes Top Gayer is going stateside on an all American road trip, east coast to west – Florida to California!

Setting off on the 18th June, Rich and Marcus are hitting the road covering 3,000 miles in just a few days.  Here we will be posting video diaries, reports on the places we visit and updates on our journey from east to west.

No specific stops or planned visits just driving until we drop.  Our weapon of choice…?  Mazda’s luxury SUV, the CX-9.  Bigger than the CX-7 we get here in the UK, the CX-9 seats 7 people in Mazda's iconic sporting style and luxury.

So we've raised the US flag in celebration, and for the next few weeks feel free to watch our progress in your best american attire. 

Our Route will hopefully look something like this...


 But we all know how the best laid plans don't always run as smoothly as we'd like.  Regardless of this however, we hope you will all enjoy it and we will try our best to not burst out into song 'a-la-Priscilla'. (we can't guarantee this, there will probably be a few classic hits we just wont hold back on).


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