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Volkswagen up! An Alternative Perspective

Volkswagen are known very well for their build quality and more 'revserved' (boring) interiors and style - But one thing you can always count on is that you will be happy driving a VW and although your average VW (GTI and 'R' range excluded) won't be that exciting, it won't dissapoint you either.

Possibly that's about to change with this rather interesting looking city car.  The VW up!


A little bigger in dimentions than you'd normally find a city car to be, the up! boasts the ethos of maximum space, on a minimal footprint.  Focusing on their amazing bluemotion technologies the up! will feature small petrol engines that put out a maximum of around 70hp.

The interior is a step away from the VW grey standard, being colourful and rather (dare I say) more exciting to look at, but then that's definately needed within the citycar market.  Hopefully it drives like the bigger siblings within the brand, as that's where VW can really take some sales from the likes of smart and Peugeot - but until it's slowing you down around town we have these pictures and a focus on the little motor at Frankfurt to look forward to.

Kia's Picanto Receives Great Reaction

Over the past couple of days, while we've been in Zurich testing the all new Aveo, we have heard nothing but good things about Kia's latest little car, the Picanto.  Earlier this year we blogged all about the new baby Kia and it's features, but last week a few lucky journo's popped over the water to the continent to put it through its paces, and based on what we heard, apparently it's been very well received.

Arriving back to the office this morning and I have seen a Kia press release all about the little city car and the UK specifications.

Five-door range starts from a mere £7,995 OTR from the 17th June this year, offered in two new Kia engines a 68hp 1.0-litre and an 84hp 1.25-lire increasing MPG and decreasing CO2, boasting Kia's efficient dynamics with Intelligent Stop & Go technology.

Specification sees the standard kit include electric windows, immobiliser, body coloured elements including bumpers and door handles and a 60:40 split folding rear seat.  Aside this the Picanto range is split between entry level '1' and '1 Air',  progressing to a mid-range '2' and finally a top spec '3' model.  Each level gains more standard equipment respectively, with LED running lights, automatic Air-con and even heated seats featuring within the top spec.

Overall it seems Kia have really pulled out all the stops with the little Picanto and I was gutted to have not been there for the launch but will definitely be chasing them for a demo from now.

Review: Peugeot 107

City cars are becoming more and more popular, even Aston Martin has one, (although it seems like they broke into a local Toyota dealership and stole an iQ and are trying to pass off as their own). But what seems to have been forgotten in all the excitement of ‘big car’ manufacturers producing small cars, are the small cars that have been there before the trend began...