Time 4 Kia to pro_cee'd

2011 sees the lovely pro_cee'd get a new face.  Introducing the pro_cee'd 4...

...Peter Schreyer has left his mark with his trademark grille and made the front a little more rounded.  Designed some rather sporty black bezeled headlights and finished it off with tinted windows.

Over the previous generations, the new hatch gets an improved 1.6 diesel engine with an extra 13 hp, reaching 122 hp, and 0-62mph in just over 10 seconds.

Sitting on 17" wheels, the pro_cee'd 4 gets integrated Sat-Nav and cruise control as standard, which hosts the screen for features like integrated reverse camera and bluetooth phone preparation.  Finishing off with leather and some heated seats brings some 'now-generation' tech to the pro_cee'd range.

Infiniti Release First Concept Pictures

Infiniti have just released images of their new concept, and have named their Love-child (noticed a theme of love yet today?) ETHEREA...

As we predicted it's a hatchback/coupé style concept aimed at the younger luxury buyer, featuring styling cues first seen on the 'Essesnce' concept, noticeably the crescent shaped C-pillar.

Infiniti suggest it combines elements of coupé, sedan, hatchback and even crossover.  The only thing missing from that list is the kitchen sink, however I can see all of the above styled in this rather unique concept bundle.

It's truly beautiful, and if they actually made a car in which the grille lit up purple - i'd buy it for that juvenile boy racer gimmick alone haha!



First Photos of New Kia Rio

We can now finally admire Schreyer's all new Kia Rio, and admiration is definitely due.

Once again the original sketches we posted not to long ago hinted toward a more Coupé-like, hot hatch style for Rio, and my first impressions did make me think of Citroen's new C4.  Either way it's yet another strong contender from the Korean giant that sees them competing in the markets that they were simply sat in previously.

Well done Kia...

Infiniti set a new destination on the Sat-Nav: Geneva 2011



“Infiniti is currently examining concepts for a luxury performance car that will fit below the current G Line. Like every Infiniti, it will be completely different to anything currently offered by our rivals.” So said Andy Palmer, Senior Vice President for Infiniti, at the opening of the Infiniti Centre Piccadilly in London during September 2010.

The 81st Geneva International Motorshow will see Infiniti presenting its next Inspired Performance concept car.  At 12.15 CET (that's about 11.15 here in the UK) Infiniti will show how the Japanese performance brand are taking a more scenic, exciting route to a new future.

That's pretty much all the press release stated and just looking at the quote from Andy Palmer, Senior VP, hopefully we're in for a treat - maybe in the form of a hatchback?  Although, I have a feeling Infiniti will bring some pretty lines to whatever they're planning.

KIA Continue Their Design Revolution

March 2011 will bring the Geneva motorshow, one of the biggest in the calendar, and a chance for manufacturers to showcase what they think will define motoring in 2011 through both design and technology.

KIA have given us a little sketch preview of their shining star of the show, the all new Rio.

Peter Schreyer is certainly doing the Korean car maker justice with his latest creations and the Rio looks to be a very similar affair. Described by the man himself as ‘sporty and elegant’, the new Rio is lower and wider than the previous model with characteristic lines and shapes giving the car a kinetic energy and sense of movement.

Inside, the dashboard is very driver focused and is said to feature many elements to give this smaller KIA the feeling of owning a larger, more expensive model.

Personally, I think Schreyer has made massive steps for KIA, remodelling a brand and bringing a truly edgy look and feel to what used to be known for being budget throughout. I have to admit, if the new Rio looks as true to concept as the new Picanto does, I’ll be driving one tomorrow.