Kia Rio - Stylish as You Would Expect by Now

So ahead of Frankfurt sees all the manufacturers laying their cards on the table and trying to win the ultimate prize of attention from the various press and public.

Having teased us with conceptual sketches, Kia have unveiled the all-new Rio and following suit it's a massive improvement design-wise.  Four engines from launch and boasting the lowest emissions and highest economy in the UK market, the Rio has already got a headstart against the competiton and it's not even on the roads yet!

Starting at £10,595 the Rio is definately competition and one to watch...




...and here's a video for you to do just that!



Kia and the new Rio

The second in the new car unveils for the Korean car manufacturer is the all new Rio.  A sure contender against the competition, definitely when it comes to looks if nothing else.

The Rio sees a redesigned interior and a general overhaul in substance as well as style.  The Rio also features 4 new engines ranging from a mere 70ps (69bhp) to 109ps (107bhp), which is unfortunate, as it would be nice to see some poke coming out of Kia's cars.  Looks don't get you everywhere and what's more is that the Auto option available with the 1.4 petrol (107bhp) is only a four speed.

Regardless of this of course, the new Rio comes equipped similar to that of the new Picanto.  The 'Big Car Comforts' in Rio include - Bluetooth handsfree, AUX and iPod compatibility and LED running lights to complete the look.

Bigger and better, the new Rio will be cruising the streets from September as its 5 door guise, with the 3 door model launching early 2012.

First Photos of New Kia Rio

We can now finally admire Schreyer's all new Kia Rio, and admiration is definitely due.

Once again the original sketches we posted not to long ago hinted toward a more Coupé-like, hot hatch style for Rio, and my first impressions did make me think of Citroen's new C4.  Either way it's yet another strong contender from the Korean giant that sees them competing in the markets that they were simply sat in previously.

Well done Kia...

KIA Continue Their Design Revolution

March 2011 will bring the Geneva motorshow, one of the biggest in the calendar, and a chance for manufacturers to showcase what they think will define motoring in 2011 through both design and technology.

KIA have given us a little sketch preview of their shining star of the show, the all new Rio.

Peter Schreyer is certainly doing the Korean car maker justice with his latest creations and the Rio looks to be a very similar affair. Described by the man himself as ‘sporty and elegant’, the new Rio is lower and wider than the previous model with characteristic lines and shapes giving the car a kinetic energy and sense of movement.

Inside, the dashboard is very driver focused and is said to feature many elements to give this smaller KIA the feeling of owning a larger, more expensive model.

Personally, I think Schreyer has made massive steps for KIA, remodelling a brand and bringing a truly edgy look and feel to what used to be known for being budget throughout. I have to admit, if the new Rio looks as true to concept as the new Picanto does, I’ll be driving one tomorrow.