Davidoff Hot Water

It was a warm April evening with a light breeze blowing from the West. The air was full of the fresh scent of early flowering spring blossom with a hint of something HOT. Nothing would ever be the same after this night. No other smell would ever tantalise and tease as this one did and no other fragrance would cause so much interest from so many.

He walked passed me with air of self confidence and mystique never witnessed before, leaving in his wake a strong and truly masculine fragrance offering tones of warmth, spice and a jubilant freshness only a man wearing DAVIDOFF HOT WATER could create. The air was filled with the sensual warmth of Red Basil and Absinthe along with burning Pimento offering a natural and ingenuous sex appeal.

The invitation of intimacy mixed with a forbidden promise DAVIDOFF HOT WATER is designed to change and develop in tones as the wearer travels throughout the day. I could even at some points smell small tones of lemon and bergamot and perhaps a very subtle hint of fresh lavender. “This fragrance is made for sharing,” I though, as he woken me with the smell of fresh coffee!

And cut …………

Honestly I really was in the land of make-believe, however I have to admit there are hints of this lovely fragrance that does take you off into a dream state. It’s warm but refreshing with really nice tones that just sit comfortably for everyday use. As a girl I love smelling it and the boys tell me they love wearing it. 

Available now from http://www.thefragranceshop.co.uk