Evian Brumisateur

What pampers your skin, comes from the French Alps and has been a secret of fashion models and make-up artists? Evian Brumisateur. 

Designed to be used for a multitude of tasks, it can hydrate, refresh, tone and even fix your make-up. I’ve tried many varieties of these sprays to cool and refresh tired hot skin, but never have I been told that it will tone and fix my make-up at the same time. One of the cleverest things I’ve been given in a facial treatment!

Available in 3 sizes starting with the makeup bag sized 50ml for £3.50, a handbag sized 150ml for £6.95 and the holiday suitcase sized 300ml for £8.95. I tried the middle sized 150ml, handy spray canister, ideal for carrying with you on hot summer days to cool and leave your skin feeling pampered in the summer heat or the hot, dry office. Offering a re-hydrating system with built in minerals, it will help you to look after our skin and can help reduce the appearance of our friends the ‘ageing fine lines’ and ‘wrinkles’.

Make up artists and models have long known about the magic of Evian Brumisateur. It is designed to assist in maximising the moisturising ability of your daily moisturiser. By lightly spraying the face prior to applying your moisturiser it helps you lock in up to 16% more moisture. Used after applying your make-up it removes the requirement of re-applying finishing powder throughout the day.

I love the feeling it has on my skin. At first it’s a bit of a shock as it has a tendency to deposit, more than you think if your not careful. However once you’ve learnt the art of spraying something in your own face, it releases a cool, refreshing and invigorating light spay that just seems to wash the impurities of the day away.

Although it offers us so much, in such an organic and eco-friendly way, I somehow feel I already pay enough for the water coming out of my tap, bottled water in restaurants and now water to spray on my face. I have to ask myself  “Who actually is the winner in all of this!”