Fade Out Anti Shadow Brightening Eye Cream

Anything that promises to sort out my eye shadows in 4 weeks has my immediate attention! FADE OUT offers me such a claim, along with reducing puffiness and targeting fine lines and wrinkles.

Clinically tested on a group of 100 women between the ages of 18 and 40, with various skin tones, all 100 reported brighter and more even skin tone in the 4 weeks trial period - a high success rate indeed. I have to remember I fall out of this age rang - the far side, so must manage the results expectations!

Designed to target the mass market with affordable skin care it offers a ‘must use’ range with exceptable credentials that includes Niacinamide (a water-soluble vitamin that is part of the vitamin B group) and powerful active naturals such as mulberry and liquorice.

Pitched to shake up the premium brands it is designed for both women and men who want to solve and prevent pigmentation problems via 3 mediums – “Prevention”, “Correction” and “Future Defence”. In a nutshell it penetrates into the skin and assists in preventing melanin from dulling the skin, focuses on existing problem areas and enhances cell renewal helping to prevent the development of darker skin cells. Big thumbs up to any product that can assist both women and men with out having to colour code the packaging and adjust the price!

I have to be honest and say I haven’t tested it every day for 4 whole weeks, but I have used it every day for 1 week (I’ll keep you up to date with the progress). So far I have started to see a very slight difference in the colour of the skin around my eyes. For those of you that have read my review of Cliniques Chubby Moisturising Lip Balm, will know I have freckles and actually quiet like them. So for me a small downside is that they may start to fade around my eye area, however on a very positive note the darker skin around my eyes is looking brighter and friends have commented so it must be working. I do find you have to not only pat it onto the eye area but also smooth it in or you are left with a definite line of putty colour that’s not the most attractive look I’ve tried!

For a retail price of £8.99 for a 15ml tube it certainly makes for an affordable addition to your beauty regime and with other products available in the range Boots, Savers and a number of independent pharmacies I’m certain will see a surge in sales.