Vetroxx Hand Sanitiser

One of my pet hates (along with net curtains, green loo paper and the word Carrot) is dirty, sticky hands with no water in sight to wash them. The answer up until now has been the many hand gels on the market that leave you with a nasty chemical smell, but fit easily in the glove box of your car.

Now Molar Ltd has made available a product that was previously only available from vet practices. Vetroxx Hand Sanitiser is available in a handy 75ml pump action biodegradable gel, perfect for dropping in your glove box for those dirty moments!

Made from an extract of Orange – the pith, it is safe to use on a regular basis for the whole family and because of its low alcohol formula it wont dry or irritate the skin. It will however quickly kill the flu virus and having been evaluated by one of Europe’s leading independent laboratories it was affirmed its efficacy in rapidly killing flu viruses by 99.9998%. Applying that to every day life means it will help us in the fight against swine flu in the UK.

Having tested it over a particularly hot weekend for April, I must admit I couldn’t initially smell a single glimmer of Orange. An invitation to a BBQ on Saturday was the perfect time for me to try Vetroxx Hand Sanitiser and after playing with my nieces on the trampoline and Lou Lou the dog I decided now was a good time. Its initial smell is pure chemical – a cross between that well-known hospital and dentist aroma. However it doesn’t linger. Once its absorbed into your skin it does give you a faint hint of Orange (or is that because I know it should?) that quickly goes to leave no smell at all. I’m also very pleased to say it didn’t taint the piece of chicken, steak or sausage I ate either!

Available from Molar it retails at £3.40 for the 75ml hand sanitiser and also available on the product range is a Surface Spray at £6.00 for 500ml. Both can be purchased via the web site or by calling 0845 226 0660

In my opinion it’s a spring/summer essential for the glove box of your car or to drop in the bottom of your picnic hamper.