Win a Lip Glaze You Can Apply in the Dark!

The high street giant Superdrug delivers another exclusive product to us girls. 

With 6 colours to choose from including 2 new colours for Spring 2011 this GOSH Light’N Shine lip glaze will quickly become your “I can’t leave home with out it” product for this summer.

Now lets just be honest with each other for a minute. We’ve all purchased lip glosses that promise to give us a wearable, lip plumping gloss that have turned out to stick our lips together and then deposit themselves on the rim of our wine glass with a rather unattractive slap, which in turn is guaranteed to attract every wasp with in a 3 mile radius. Trust me this one is different.  I wore number 03 Soft Rosa (a very pretty pale pink with a definite but not overwhelming sparkle) over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend and loved every minute of wearing it. Obviously I was forced to try it out on a range of different glasses and can proudly report it performed better than expected on a variety of wine glasses, a G&T glass and a champagne flute! (is this a good time to invite you to read my review on anatomicals headache relief balm?!)

With colours available ranging from White to Hot Pink, with Rosa, Plum and Light Purple as well as the Soft Rosa I tried, I not sure it’s a great range to choose from however the colours do seem to tick all the boxes for this years trends for pretty natural looking lips with ultimate gloss offering a long lasting, lip quenching high glaze treat for bare lips.

Now let me tell you the 2 reasons why GOSH Light’n Shine Lip Glaze is extra special.

Reason 1 – How many times do we get caught short out and about and needing to reapply our lip-gloss? As girls we can multi task and use our imagination but now we have a lip-glaze that has it’s own in built mirror and LED light (doubles as a light saber for those Darth Vader moments). Imagine being able to reapply when ever and where ever we need to - in a dimly lit restaurant, before the lights go up at the theatre and for those of you still young enough to be pitching a tent at Glastonbury or the V Festival we all understand its as important to have kissably glossy lips as it is to be wearing the right wellies!


Reason 2 - Thanks to my friends at GOSH they have given me 5 of these wonderful summer essentials for you to win. To get your paws on one, nip to the GOSH facebook page and click 'Like' (

Once you've done that nip back to me and tell me you've done it by commenting here or tweeting @TopGayer, and the lucky winners will receive one in the post.

If your not lucky enough to win, the full range is available exclusively from Superdrug and retails at £7.99