Philips Living Colours

You may think this is just a lamp, but you'd be wrong.  When I saw this revolutionary light on Philips website, I just had to have a go with it.  With my obsession for mood lighting, and lighting to suit the mood I'm in, I was a bit too excited when the package arrived at my door.

Philips have always been very unique with the fields they place technology into, and I see the brand as much more of a lifestyle choice, rather than the odd piece of great technology. Whatever they bring to market seems to be the best at what it does and arguably the most stylish against the competition, so much so that I would happily buy kitchen utensils if it had their guarantee of brilliance.

The Living Colours range from Philips follows suit.  Capable of emitting 16 million colours, this little lamp will have you playing for hours, changing from red to pink, blue to green and all the colours in between!  Changes don't just stop at colour either, adjust brightness and even intensity for that perfect mood lighting to suit any occasion.  Alternatively you can just let it cycle through the spectrum.

Although something you may want to tuck away out of sight, and let the light flood the room, the Living Colours range isn't an eyesore, almost resembling a base speaker kind of look and style.  Even off, this lamp looks stylish and very minimalist.  Purchase up to six and you can make a feature of them, and control them all with just one remote, no need for specific light fittings and bulbs, just these little lamps with huge proportions.

One little annoyance has to be the plug lead, unfortunately it isn't a portable feature and must be plugged in to work.  Of course, this does mean multiple sockets are used if you have more than one, but it is worth hiding the lead so as to not ruin the beauty of it's design.

Available from the Black one I tested is priced at £119.00, the clear version is £99.00 and £85.00 for a Living colours Mini LED.