Life Lines

Crows feet, laughter lines, deep wrinkles, fine lines...  Call them what you like we all have them and we all would love to not have them!

I have a selection of these and one in particular that runs between my eye brows to the bridge of my nose, its about 1/2 cm long, so not huge but has presence! It always looks worse this time of year as the browner my face gets the whiter it appears. I obviously frown as I sunbathe! I even go so far as to add a little fake tan to it as the summer progresses – oh what we do in the name of vanity!

I’m not sure Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller and Gwyneth Paltrow would be quiet as honest, but they are amongst the growing number of A-listers that are raving about beauty guru Maria Hatzistafanis' new range - NIP+FAB. 

So let me help you understand the science behind this new NIP+FAB Frown Fix that DOES actually do what it says on the tin. 

The pen shaped dispenser contains 3 things that do the amazing job of reducing all the lines we get as our face marches through life telling everyone how old we really are –

1) Amino acids to help expression lines appear reduced

2) Purslane extract to smooth the appearance of wrinkles

3) Centella extract to reduce the appearance of fine lines

It comes in a plain white box with black and light blue writing that has an almost clinical quality about it. Inside you’ll find the pen tucked into one corner, so much so that I thought I’d been sent an empty box! I quite like the fact that its discreet and small enough to drop into the bottom of your handbag but still be found at the required moment. Pop the lid off and you’ll see a small brush that allows precise application. Then you’ll spend the next 10 minutes twisting the bottom convinced you’ve got an empty one until eventually a huge blob appears on the brush and you frantically try to rewind before you realise that you can't. Thankfully once you’ve overcome this initial design flaw it all becomes easier.

Each morning for just over 2 weeks now I’ve used this and the results are quite amazing.

The clear whitish light gel is fragrance free and for someone with relatively sensitive skin I’ve not experienced any drying of the skin or irritation. Applied with the brush it allows you to target exactly the right place and absorbs into your skin quickly to leave no sticky feeling or residue – this means you can apply your normal make up over the top easily. Within a few minutes your wrinkles and lines start to appear less prominent. The skin plumps and feels firmer – it just looks better and feels younger. I also think the more I’ve used this the less the wrinkles are generally appearing, even if I haven’t applied it – this of course could be my imagination or as friends have suggested wishful thinking!

I’m assured that Boots currently have a good supply of this product, after an initial waiting list (reported figures range for 3,00 to 7,450 people) they have learnt their lesson and now keep the shelves stocked high! And for £10.25 for a 4ml pen I’m certain this will be something that once tried no girl or boy in his or her right mind will ever be without - I certainly know I wont.

Note to anyone out there – buy two it’s always good to have a spare!

I should also say that will give you a full list of all the products in the range.