The Clean Summer of 2011

There is something about the smell of a baby – a clean baby! It somehow brings out the maternal instinct in even the most unmaternal of us. There is also something about using something for yourself that was designed for a baby’s very soft delicate skin. It’s like an inbuilt satisfaction that you are being ever so kind to your own skin 

Earth Friendly Baby have given us this all in one, well 72 to be precise, wipes, design to clean and care for the most delicate parts of any baby. However we can use them for cleaning sticky fingers after eating our lunch on the move, mopping up small spills of coffee off our suit and even removing our makeup. They have a wonderful smell of chamomile and calendula that’s not too wet but at the same time moist enough to be useful with out having to use half a pack for one job. Leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and delicately cleaned 

So far they have been to France with me and proved a great hit on a picnic with my God children and are currently residing in the glove box of my car, (the wipes not my God children) ready for those moments when you just need something to wipe your hands with. I also love the fact that they are good for the environment as well. So many things are advertised as good for us, but when you look at what they are made of it’s another story. With these wipes they are made for a material derived from wood pulp and starch and are 100% biodegradable. This just means you can use with confidence that they are good for your baby, your skin and the world 

One thing I must also tell you is that they are fantastic for cleaning the inside of your car while you sit in a traffic jam! And half the price of interior car cleaning wipes at £ 3.05 a pack.

Oh and they do keep their sticky re-sealable bit as well.