Manatomicals – just for men

I’ve reviewed a few of anatomicals products now from their headache cure to their strange combination of hand cream and lip slave in one. This time they sent me the manatomicals – do they not realise I’m a girl! Quickly passing it on to Stuart with explicit instructions he was to tell me all. 

His first reaction was it does indeed tingle and in places he wasn’t sure it should tingle – well not when he’s minding his own business in the shower! Let me paint an accurate picture, the product he is kindly testing for me is the manatomicals Young, Free and Tingle Wake up Hair and Body Wash.

As with all the other products the kind people at anatomicals have sent me, it instantly stands out from anything else we have in the bathroom. Its bold packaging reveals a manly dark brown/black square bottle, topped with a bright yellow dispenser. Inside it hides a bright pink, slightly too runny strong peppermint smelling liquid. From a woman’s point of view I think it smells too strong and chemically. I’m told it smells ok and is actually quite nice in the shower as it wakes you up and clears that “I’ve just jumped out of bed, but would rather be asleep than having to get ready for another day at work!” feeling. I guess this means it ticks the box on the wake up body wash front. The smell does get better once out of the shower. In fact it leaves his skin smelling really nice and fresh with warm peppermint tones and something else that I can’t quiet put my finger on. At this point I should issue the warning – this will make your eyes water, sting and tingle in a way that eyes really shouldn’t if you use it to wash your face. I think its safe to say this is a body wash and not a face wash. In its defense it does call its self a body wash, but I’m certain it should also say and NOT a face wash in brackets!

As a hair wash it leaves the same lovely clean smell and I’m told with one wash gives a squeaky clean feel. From my point of view it’s not something I’d wash my hair with even it if was meant for girls -  I’m certain it would wash out the newly dyed warm golden brown I spent 30 minutes waiting for it to take on the grey last night 

In conclusion – as a body wash and not a face wash its great, as a hair wash it could strip out anything that’s not your natural colour and leave not a trace of natural oils and as a bottle for the bathroom it looks cool and has a funny message on the side of the bottle. To find out what this is nip along to Boots and for around £4.00 get your own bottle of 300ml Young, Free and Tingle Wake up Hair and Body Wash.