It’s All About the Tubing

At last we have mascara on the market that doesn’t run, flake, smudge or smear, which for someone like me that has a habit of rubbing my eyes is a godsend. I always get really excited when Clinique release a new product or re release an old favourite. This one I think is a combination of new and old – the idea of Clinique offering smudge proof mascara isn’t new, but the introduction of tubing mascara is. 

For those of us that have never heard of tubing mascara; let me assure you it has nothing to do with the activity of riding on water or snow whilst hanging on for grim death to an oversized inflated inner tube. It does however refer to the casing that it puts around each individual eyelash to create a natural look that I’ve not experienced with any other mascara.

It’s available in two colours, Black Onyx and Dark Chocolate. I tried the Dark Chocolate and just found it gave me a really nice natural colour. I’m not sure I’d chose it for a night out – black works so much better in the evening, but for a day colour its perfect. If your blessed with amazing, long and dark lashes I’m sure it would look fabulous any time, but for those of us that were blessed with other assets, we may want to use a building mascara to create those lushes lashes. It does work well over the top though to help keep the building mascara on your lashes and not making its way down your face as the evening progresses! It is a must for your bottom lashes any time - the brush is so beautifully small and delicate it makes applying your mascara to those little small lashes easy - no more trying to weild your large brush towards those delicate little ones.

One of the advantages, apart from the lack of smudging is the ease at which this mascara comes off – allegedly. I’ve always used an eye make up remover wipe that over the years has successfully removed my eye makeup I've asked it to. Not any more. With this mascara it does nothing, not a smudge, not a peel not even a flake or a smear, nothing. It appears you use warm water and in my case a flannel. Now it does remove it, but I think it requires slightly too much rubbing and I’m not sure this is entirely good for the delicate skin around your eyes. 

Lets talk money – it comes in two sizes, 6g for £15 and 10g for £25. I think this is an average price for a good quality mascara and as with most things it’s cheaper to buy the bigger one in the long run.

Clinique I think have brought a really nice day wear mascara to the market that does what it says on the tin. I’m not certain it’ll replace my trusted old mascara, but I’m impressed enough that for holidays it’ll be the only one I’ll take.