SPF 35 on a stick

Clinique have launched their latest SPF 35 Targeted Protection Stick. It’s a stick of sunshine, packed in a bright yellow oversized lip balm stick that’s perfectly sized for your handbag and perfectly coloured for finding it at those required moments.

Lets put this into perspective – we all know that the sun makes us feel alive and excited about the day ahead, but it also has some pretty horrible effects if we’re not careful. I don’t want to do the whole doom and gloom speech but we all have to be prepared. The British summer can be spontaneous – raining one minute and glorious sunshine the next. What better to have to hand than a high protection stick that can be used on all those delicate areas exposed to the sun that we can easily forget to put sun cream on? I once burnt my forehead - I’d just got my first convertible and decided the hazy sunshine was the perfect time to drop the roof and travel from London back home to Cheltenham along the M4. It was beautiful, the sun was shining and I looked cool! Unfortunately my forehead looked like a red traffic light stuck on stop – and wow did it hurt. 

Lets be honest we’ve all done something similar – I could recount numerous times I’ve not been prepared for the sun that appears out of the blue (or grey). This protection stick is ideal for dropping in your handbag and using on those delicate areas around your face that we often burn with out realising until it’s too late. The eyes are a particular favorite, along with the tops of ears, nose and even you lips. 

It's for sale on all Clinique counters across the UK and cost £15.50 – well worth the small investment that can always be to hand and just help protect us from the sun we all love but all know isn’t as good for us as we like to think. Thank you Clinique for sending me this to test and adding another thing I have added to my must have list to carry around with me all day!