First Prize Goes to…


No surprise when you try ‘their returned by very popular demand’, Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm.

Looks amazing, wears amazingly and smells amazing.

They have re introduced 3 shades, if I can call them shades, 01 Crystal Coral, 02 Crystal and 03 Crystal Red. The word Crystal is key; they are crystal in looks, so much so in fact at first it’s a bit of a shock. The Crystal Red I tried is a very dark almost burgundy red that looks like a bullet shaped piece of raw redcurrant flavored jelly. 01 Crystal Coral looks like mandarin jelly and 02 has no jelly equivalent – it’s just a very lovely pale pink colour.

As with all Clarins products style is of the essence and unlike most lip balms this is presented as a lipstick rather than a lip balm in a tin. We’ve all had to from time to time use our nail to extract the balm from the bottom of the tin! Not a pleasant thing for any of us to have to do. However with this you simply apply as you would a normal lipstick, which is in the classic Clarins silver case that any girl, myself included, is smugly proud to use in public! 

So I’m happy to report it looks cool and tastes as sweet as a fruit pastel, but just seems to disappear off your lips. At first I was a little bit shocked that the colour of the actual lipstick is far removed from the actual colour that applies to your lips. With the Crystal Red you get a very subtle and feminine depth to your lips and with anything like this the more you add the deeper it appears. However it just disappears. Its as though it soaks into your lips, which does mean that your lips become incredibly soft, but I seem to be constantly applying it to try and keep the small amount of colour it gives me. I can only guess the Crystal Coral would be similar and Crystal would just give you a lovely soft sheen. All that said, this lip balm gives you all you could wish for this summer, silky smooth lips, and the transparency of a gloss and the subtle colour of a sheer lipstick. All three colours are being offered as a limited edition, so please girls go out an buy at least one of them, if for nothing more than to have the ultimate posh lip balm in your handbag.

Visit you’re nearest Clarins counter and swap £16.50 of your hard earned cash for this summers must have lip balm.