Banish Dark Circles

We all have days when we wake up, look in the mirror and sigh! Why do we still look tired with dark circles and puffy eyes after a nights sleep? It all just makes me crave a duvet day!

Well I’ve discovered First Aid Beauty, Detox Eye Roller and I’m proud to say it works. Lets put that into perspective. Nothing will ever give us the look of 15 hours sleep after 6, but the difference after a simply roll over the eye area is truly amazing. In the States it’s being voted by many as their miracle beauty eye buy”. Its even been featured on the Tyra Banks Show.  In fact, following one TV show the company sold over 8,000 units in an hour creating a growing list for this highly effective product. Only in America!

So let’s look more closely at the four magical ingredients inside this little bottle and lets not forget the Caffeine that helps diminish visible skin redness by shrinking blood vessels!

1.    Sodium hyaluronate and advanced peptides recapture lost volume and increase collagen production, reducing fine lines.

2.    Infused with FAB’s powerful Antioxidant Booster to combat free radicals.

3.    Witch Hazel and Menthyl Lactate to tone and soothe skin

4.    Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide and Sodium Hyaluronate to reduce fine lines

The bottle is 8.5ml big and cost £18.00 from Boots the Chemist through out the UK. When you consider that it does actually work I think it represents £18 well spent. It’s also very easy to apply, no gentle patting the eye area, which if your like me makes you feel a bit odd and I always wonder if I’m being to heavy handed! With this it a simple case of removing the lid, a gentle shake and then using the metal roller ball to glide gently over the eye area 2 or 3 times. With in a couple of minutes you can see the difference and if you need to, as the day progresses you can have a second application to keep the feeling of fresh, revitalized and smooth eyes all day long.

A treatment that can be used by the whole family and one I know Stuart is secretly using!