Goodies from Candy

Eye Candy has very kindly sent me their new false nails to try. I should at this point confess that I didn’t actually test the nails. A friend of mine kindly did the honors - so Natasha this is your moment!

Loved the packaging, it’s cool, trendy and eye catching. Almost has a High School prom look about it, very Glee or for the slightly more mature ladies – I think she means me – Greece!

Inside you get a collection of nails in a variety of different sizes, a small tube of pink glue and easy to follow instructions. Once you’ve sorted out the right sizes and done a little bit of prep on your own nails (not in the instructions but I thought a sensible thing to do) removing old polish, pushing my cuticles back and generally giving them a quick file and buff, its time to pop them on. So glue in one hand with the nails spread out in front of me, I start to work my way from little finger to my thumb.  With the first hand complete and all nails stuck on the ends of my fingers and not to the table or each other I begin the second hand. This second hand went on well, a little slow at first as I think I was frightened of knocking the other hand off, but eventually I got there in a total of around 20 minutes. I conclude they looked great, are a really nice colour, shape and fit. 

I should tell you I have a small child at this point and do spend a lot of time picking up toys, washing up and generally pottering all day long. The first one popped off after 2 days - I think I might have been hovering. I went and got the box, another blob of glue and the replacement was intact. The next day whilst trying to get ice out of the tray I pinged another one off – replacement quickly added and life carried on. All then went great for another 5 days and then in the shower and I managed to loose two more. If I’m honest this was the point that I decided to remove the others. I still had spare ones so I could easily have stuff more back on but after 5/6 days I was beginning to get a little bored of having to carry the glue around with me.

In a nutshell they looked fantastic, felt great, are easy to put on and easy to pop off. For a night out or weekend away they are perfect. For being a full time mummy I would need a bigger tube of glue!