The purest of the pure?

This product is all about the natural balance of your skin and enhancing the inner and outer beauty. Produced by The Purest Company from Australia it is designed to be pure, safe and highly effective with the use of holistic products to mimic the way the skin behaves naturally to bring you optimum results.

In a nutshell The Purest Company is one of the good guys – all ingredients are suitable for vegans and 100% natural botanical aromatherapy. The range is also formulated without parabens, sulfates, ethoxylated and petrochemical cleansers, propylene glycol, silicones, phthalates, mineral oils, DEA and artificial colours, animal ingredients and animal testing free. See told you they are one of the good guys.

A'kin Sandalwood & Sweet Orange Invigorating Body Scrub with Panama Bark & Vitamin B5 is a gel based body scrub that just happens to smell good. I’m being careful not to get too flowery about all its great properties. Lets not forget just because they tell us it’s the best, most natural and environmentally friendly product, doesn’t mean its nice or even good to use.

I’m not a great lover of exfoliating body scrubs. In my experience they are like taking sandpaper to your skin, they rub off your tan and leave the bath looking like you’ve emptied the toaster into it. This one however is a little bit different.

To start with it smells good – a light orange smell that wont over power any other smells you add to your shower routine. The ultra-fine beads of diatomaceous earth – look that up if you dare and see if you get a reference to pet food, pest control and naturally occurring, soft, siliceous sedimentary rock – interesting! Anyway they are designed to very gently scrub away dead skin cells, absorb toxic impurities and excess oils from your skin. They do make your skin feel smooth and soft and your everyday body moisturiser just absorbs so much more easily. I even found that any small dark patches I had on my knees from my fake tan have disappeared.

It does still leave a definite gravelly effect in the bottom of the bath. But this washes away easily and doesn’t require harsh cleaning fluids and a scrubbing brush!

I like this product, it leaves my skin fresh and silky smooth with a feeling of gentleness that has a faint smell of oranges and sandalwood. A good buy for £15.00 for a 200ml tube as I think it’s a product that used once a week would really benefit your skin and you only need a small amount of the gel formula for it to work its magic. 

The A’Kin range is available from Holland & Barrett, Bentalls, John Bell & Croydon, Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic, and