I never knew the French for leg was La Jambe

I also never knew I liked sushi or the solution to dry skin on my legs - That is until NIP + FAB wowed me again. Last time it was with their Frown Fix and this time with their Dry Leg Fix. 

Lets start with the negative (the only negative) – Big box hides medium sized tube! I’m not sure the green message is quite being heard at N+P HQ. Look inside and the 100ml tube sits comfortably in half the box, they even add an extra piece of cardboard running down the length of the box so that the tube doesn’t rattle around! Anyway that aside I truly can’t find a single fault with the actual product.

Housed in a trendy white and line green tube this intensive formula gives you 24-hour hydration and a slight shine to your legs that I think enhances your natural/out of a bottle tan. It has a smell of summer, mixed with a hint of gooseberry fool! – Or is that my imagination? It’s quickly absorbed leaving a silky smooth finish that lasts all day. The addition of Shea Butter makes it really easy to apply – it doesn’t have that thickness about it that means it takes an age to work in. Also the added glycerin helps to build renewed skin cells that are intensely hydrated in turn helping to reduce small lines and imperfections.

To buy it’s a few pence over £10.00 from Boots the Chemists, so about middle pricing for a high street body moisturiser. It should be £100.00 a tube it really is that good. I recommended buying two of their Frown Fix, this time buy three of their Dry Leg Fix. No legs should venture outside with out this tender loving care being applied. 

You wont be disappointed girls – I promise.