Is it a case of now you see it now you don’t?

I like the idea of Fade Out Nourishing Night Cream. I’ve used the eye version now for a few months and if you read my articles you’ll know that I liked it and it worked for me. So I was excited when I was asked to try the night cream version.

It works in a similar way, by reducing the transfer of melanin into the upper layers of your skin. Us girls can be prone to developing small darker patches on our skin, especially our faces, its just another one of those things we have to put up with – a bit like stray eye brows and big pants! Well Fade Out have decided those days are over and released their night wonder cream.

Packaged with the typical clinical feeling that seems to be popular at the moment. The white and shades of blue deliver the message that this is a no nonsense product that demands to be taken seriously.

As some of you will know I have freckles. As I’ve got older they have faded, but somehow grown. I should clarify they are all as they should be and the sun I do expose them to has not caused any nasty effects. It’s just the way my freckles have changed as my skin and age have progressed through life.

I should also add that I have a bit of a phobia about really thick, sticky creams on my face. I don’t care if it promises the earth and I’ll look like Kyle in the morning – if its thick and gooey it’s not going on my face. So imagine how horrified I was when I open the 50ml pot to reveal the purest of white, odorless, thick looking cream. I braced myself and stuck my finger in. It was ok, it felt as light as a feather, it absorbed into the back of my hand as thought I’d added water, but left behind a clear smooth feeling that wasn’t sticky or heavy or well anything. It had gone, disappeared into my skin. So feeling brave I applied a generous amount to my face and neck – remember girls it’s our neck after the backs of our hands gives our ages away! It went on well, smoothly covering the skin and feeling as though it was being absorbed as I massaged it in. So far so good – or not. That’s when it started to have a heavy almost cloggy feeling. I felt as though I’d but a tone of old fashioned cold cream on my face. But then all of a sudden that seemed to pass and I was left with smooth skin and freshly made bed to jump into. Strange, but fleeting so manageable.

The following morning my skin felt lovely. All soft and hydrated. My eyes felt a little puffy so I think I may have applied the cream slightly too close to my eye contour area, but apart from that I was impressed. No over night eruptions of spots, no sticky, hot skin and no signs of faded freckles or other small imperfections being reduced. It was the first night maybe I’d expected a little too much?!

So for about 3 weeks now I’ve applied as instructed and the results are pretty good. The freckles seem to be standing the test of time, but all the other little skin discolorations I have are fading and I do think my skin looks fresher and brighter.

The clever bit is all about the active natural ingredients such as mulberry and liquorice and how the cream penetrates into the deep layers of your skin repairing, correcting and defending for the future or is that defending against the future? Either way this one works. I’m not getting bogged down in why, just take it from me its good and Boots I’m sure will tell you its selling like hot cakes and for £8.00 I’m not surprised.