Who knew washing your hands could be such a treat?

I picked my first strawberry this morning from the garden, the sun is shining and Wimbledon has started. What better time to tell you about Molton Browns new fine liquid hand wash and soothing hand lotion. 

Inspired by the English summer, Molton Brown has launched a true English classic with their pettigree dew collection. With the smell of a summer meadow it graces any bathroom or kitchen and leaves your hands smelling adorable and feeling soft and nourished.

Presented in classic pump bottles with images of pretty orange, cornflower blue and very pale green wild flowers with the iconic silver neckband, embossed with Molton Brown, it denotes a hand wash and lotion of style and elegance. Both are priced at £15.00 per bottle. Some would argue this puts them out of every day use, but when you smell the sweet smell and feel it luxurious texture it soon becomes apparent it offers so much more. Some times we all just need to buy ourselves a little something, maybe to cheer ourselves up, or finish off a look we have spent the morning creating when we decided to remerchandise the bathroom or maybe we just feel like a little treat. Well if any of these apply to you then girls go to your nearest Molton Brown store and spend £30. Always buy both, that’s my motto!

At this point you could well be asking the same question I was - What is Pettigree? Well its English Butchers Broom – an evergreen shrub with stiff prickle tipped flat green stems that used to be used to make brooms – hence its name. Both the hand wash and lotion also contain rosemary and lentisque twigs. All designed to capture the essence of an English dew-scented garden on an early summer morning. I’m not entirely sure this would be my first thought when I smelt it, but either way it smells wonderful and does conjure images of an English summer meadow 

The hand wash is kind and soft on your skin, helping to cleanse and give anti-oxidant protection, while the hand lotion sooths and comforts over worked hands, both leaving your skin feeling and smelling of summer. 

I think Molton Brown have captured a moment in time, a dream of the English countryside that we all have tucked in our memory banks. A big thank you goes to the MB team for making such an everyday items into bottles of loveliness.