1964 anyone?

The sixties saw them on every fashionable face and 2011 seems to be a repeat of this. I guess the fashion for the hippy long dresses or maxi dress as we call them now or the super short mini skirt, have all come round full circle again and the desire by us girlies to have super long thick, dark lashes is no exception. With the look being pioneered by Cheryl Cole and Victoria Beckham and of course the original queen of the false lashes Twiggy - Eye Candy kindly sent me a set of their naturalise 001 false eyelashes. False eyelashes that are designed to give me long, elegant and natural looking lashes that are twice the length of any natural lashes I’ve ever seen 

The first problem I uncounted was actually putting them on. I wear glasses and with out them my eyesight it’s good at all. So there I was in the bathroom, lashes on the end of the tweezers, trying to position them on the edge of my eyelids with out my glasses - I was in fits of laughter. At one point they actually got stuck to my eyebrows! 

All joking apart I did find them quite difficult to apply. But once on they are fabulous. My eyes look amazing. Bigger, more awake and dare I say even sexy. I’m sure as with so many things, the more you wear them the easier it is to apply them and take them off. When I was taking them off one of the bits of glue had stuck to one of my own eyelashes and it pulled it out - be warned girls the glue is good and strong. 

I decided not to apply additional mascara, although I understand you can and it comes off easily with eye make up remover. I just wasn’t sure the look would work for me and I’m more of a natural looking girl.

I then discovered that once they were on I couldn’t wear my glasses as the lashes caught on the lenses and didn’t move easily as I blinked. So I spent the evening with a lovely group of my friends – just not sure who was actually there! Perhaps the perfect time to have revisited wearing contact lenses again.

All that said I’d definitely wear them again. They would look great for a day in the office or a night out for dinner or drinks with friends – I just need to opt for my lenses! To wear they are so light; look great and just made me feel like a 60’s style icon. They come in a variety of ‘looks’ from the natural that I tried to the well big, big and bigger variety.

If you’ve never tried them or if this is second time round for you then go and grab yourself a set – I’m certain you will be a fan or become one again. They can be bought from Boots stores nationwide, Boots.com, Gordon’s Chemists and justbeautifully.co.uk and retail for around £4.50 per pair.

This is one accessory that I’ll perfect the putting on off. I was too young the first time round, but this time I’m not letting the opportunity to add another cm to my lashes go by with out reaping the benefits - what ever they may turn out to be!