To scrub or not to scrub?

Its the time of year when we either have a fabulous tan and are doing everything we can to keep it or we are about to get our fabulous tan in which case we are doing everything in our power to make sure it’s a good one. Which ever of these applies to you then ARK invigorating body scrub is an essential tool in the fight against flaky skin with a hint of cellulite.

It comes in a very smart looking 200ml tube in light cream with brown text – this makes it sounds as inspiring as a beige sock left in the bottom of the washing basket. Its not, its stylish, proud and a definite product to be left on display in the bathroom. One you wont mind any of your girl friends knowing you use!

I’d not been aware of ARK products before, but now I’m telling all my favorite girl friends about it. Available from House of Fraser stores and I’m sure a few more exclusive stores in and around our capital, ARK is one of my new best friends for delivering something that little bit special. It’s also the kind of product you would safely buy as a gift or receive if you were lucky enough.

It smells faintly of mint with a warm smell I cant quite put my finger on. I do know it contains Loofah – one of the world’s oldest and most natural exfoliating products known to man. When applied it gives a creamy texture not often found in exfoliating scrubs – they tend to be packed full of hard grit like particles that once they have ripped all your skin cells away leave a layer of gravel in the bottom of your shower that doubles as a foot scrapper for anyone who follows you in – unless of course you remember to rinse and scrub before creeping out of the bathroom! After the initial creamy texture, you start to feel the Loofah particles gently but forceful removing the dead skin cells, leaving a polished, fresh, smooth and energised arm or leg or whatever! You feel great and your skin does too. No stripping off your natural tan you slaved over for 2 weeks and a great preparation if the tan of 2011 is still to be taken. 

There’s a whole range of products available from ARK. I’m certain although have not tried it, that if you followed the scrub with their nourishing body lotion the results would be amazing. I do have the Skin Response Serum to try, but you’ll have to wait for that review – I’m still thoroughly enjoying the testing phase!

For now, if like me you have not every really been a BIG fan of body scrubs, but used them because you know they are good for the skin, then go and buy yourself the ARK invigorating body scrub. Take it gently and watch as your skin takes on a healthier glow. This is well worth the £25.00 you’ll pay for it. But lets keep it a little bit of a secret – we only want our best girl friends learning about this little gem.